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"My friend Myriam has been making magic happen ever since I have known her. She is fantastic, glamorous, kind,

and beautiful. She Brings the electric when she enters the room at any event she is at.

Whether she plans, produces, or attends an event, be sure she has brought the glamorous, incredible, and

electrical magic with her!" 

Rosanne Braniski

Vice President


Jirehstone Ltd.

500 - 1515 Broadway Street

Port Coquitlam, BC

V3C 6M2

(604) 817-2214












"Myriam is a superstar. She is an excellent model and a great organizer of events. Her networking skills have helped

my business on many levels. We have collaborated together for over 20 years in fashion, health and wellness,

events etc. I always know I can trust Myriam to get the job done with class!"

Raylene Walker



"Myriam is an expert at elevating your brand image and building your connections. I appreciate her support for the

arts, fashion, and beauty industry, especially during the pandemic. She is a lot of fun and gets very serious when it

comes to getting the work done. Myriam is beautiful inside out, I feel very lucky to know her."

Shivawn Kwok

"Myriam is a queen model to me. I had been working with her in few modeling projects and she is just super

professional, creative, motivated, talented and passionate about modeling. She is so considering, caring and

helpful to everyone in a team and has a lot of experiences guiding everyone in a project. Besides having beautiful

look, she has amazing positive energy and give it to everyone, and I could barely see that in her attitude, gesture

and smile."

Pooneh Etemad
Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician at OVO Medi Spa


"The ULTIMATE fairy fashion God Mother! Always on the hottest events, collaborations, designers, and more. Myriam

is a fashion icon of Vancouver and I’m so honoured to work with her! Your elegance and passion for the industry

show in everything you do. Always such an amazing role model for the fashion community and models!"

Soleil Clinansmith


"Myriam is a very hard working and dedicated model. She does everything with class. Love her photos!"

Roland Milaire
Photographer, Owner of Milaire Photography


"Myriam is. well, Myriam. She is confident, capable, and creative, She is a problem solver before you even know you

have a problem. Her fashion promotions are always right on the money, unique, and in beautiful taste. Everything

you would expect from a sophisticated French woman!"

Randi Winter
Co-Founder and Social Entrepreneur at The P2P Life




I love Myriams positive energy, enthusiasm and work ethic. She is very well connected and has helped me immensely by introducing me to the right people and companies who appreciate and are able to help me market my art.  I highly recommend Myriam!"


Joanne Henderson

Mossom Creek Studio

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